D&D and RPGs—Sunday—Mayfair (In-Store Event Only)

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This page is for ALL Events on Sunday, November 28, 2021, at our Mayfair Mall location.

Event tickets become available on Mondays, for the following weekend.

Each week, we host various D&D tables–something for everyone, whether you're a newcomer to the game, a returning veteran, or looking for an ongoing campaign.

Event Times
We host one D&D play sessions every Sunday. There are multiple tables available during each session:

First Session: Noon–5:00PM

Your Dungeon Masters
We’ve hand selected many of the greatest dungeon masters in our player community to sit at the helm of your table. They’ll prepare each week’s session well in advance so you know what to expect when you sign up at a table.

Read the BGB Dungeon Master's Guide for more details on DMing at in-store events.

Adventurers League is D&D’s official organized play system. It’s a compelling way to take part in stories that are being played out by D&D players everywhere. Anyone can begin playing in Adventurers League by taking the following three steps:

First Session, Table 1 - Tomb of Annihilation run by Forrest.

New players encouraged.
This sessions is part of an ongoing campaign-official hardcover content.
Suggested Character Level: 8
Pre-generated characters will not be available.
Homebrew 100% accepted

After escaping Acererak, the party will learn of other strange happenings in the world....

There is no mature content planned for this session.
There are no triggering situations planned for this session.