Missing a Puzzle Piece?

So the unthinkable has happened... you reached the satisfying grand finale, the mountain peak of your jigsaw puzzle, only to be denied your glorious final victory when you find there is still a gap to be filled, but no piece to fill it.

We know from personal experience: This is a huge bummer.

Fortunately, this problem does have a simple solution - now it's only a matter of finding out how simple.


THE SIMPLEST SOLVE: Check the Area Again

We Barristers can attest (after many of our own panicked moments) to the fact that most missing puzzle pieces have gone missing since the seal was broken and the box was opened. We suggest double checking for the piece in the puzzle box, on the floor nearby, under nearby furniture, in the Oreos bag you were eating out of earlier, and anywhere else you think a piece could possibly have found it's way. Shoes? Pockets?  You'd be surprised.

One other possibility? Your missing piece is so similar to another piece that it fit (sort of) in the wrong spot. Check for pieces that don't quite belong where they are, and you might just find what you seek!

If all that fails, try waiting a few days to see if the piece turns up on its own.

NEXT SIMPLEST SOLVE: Contact the Manufacturer

If the piece has not revealed itself after a thorough search, it's time to move on from Recovery to Replacement. Generally, manufacturers are not able to replace individual pieces, but in some cases, they may be able to replace your entire puzzle.

Before contacting your puzzle's manufacturer, please complete your jigsaw puzzle as far as you are able and exhaust as many of the searches in the previous "Check the Area Again" section as you are able.

NOTE: Most manufacturers need to work with their puzzle customers directly, so please contact the manufacturer, not the Board Game Barrister location where you purchased your puzzle. In fact, if you contact us first, our Barristers will be happy to help you, but they will do so by directing you back to the manufacturer contact info on this page.

It's also worth noting that the piece count listed on your box is an approximation and will not normally match the the actual exact number of pieces your puzzle should have.

Follow the instructions at https://www.universitygames.com/faq

Begin Again Toys
Visit https://www.beginagaintoys.com/info/contact.aspx for assistance

Follow the instructions at https://www.universitygames.com/faq

Buffalo Puzzles
Complete the form at https://buffalogames.com/missing-puzzle-pieces/ for a replacement puzzle

Follow the instructions at https://www.ceaco.com/pages/support for a replacement puzzle

Cobble Hill Puzzles
Complete the form at https://www.cobblehillpuzzles.com/Customer-Care-s/1514.htm for a replacement puzzle

Depot Street Puzzles (Mchezo)
Fill out the contact form at https://www.mchezo.com/contact for assistance

Endless Games
Fill out the contact form at https://endlessgames.com/contact-us/ for assistance

Eurographics Puzzles
Follow the instructions at https://www.eurographicspuzzles.com/en/missing-pieces.aspx

Gamosis Puzzles (Mchezo)
Fill out the contact form at https://www.mchezo.com/contact for assistance

Genius Games
"Email [email protected] with the subject line “[Puzzle Title] Missing or Damaged Pieces - [Your Name]” to let us know what components you’re missing and we’ll help you out!"

Jan van Haasteren
Visit their Incomplete Puzzles page at https://www.jvh-puzzels.com/extra/incomplete-puzzles.html

Magic Puzzle Company
Email their team directly at [email protected]

Mchezo (Oodles, Depot Street & Gamosis Puzzles)
Fill out the contact form at https://www.mchezo.com/contact for assistance

Melissa & Doug
"Please give us a call at 1-800-718-5365 or email us at [email protected] and we’ll do our very best to help you figure out your options. We’ll need some product info so please have either the product in front of you or a photo of the product label you can refer to, if that’s more convenient."

New York Puzzle Company
Fill out the contact form at https://www.newyorkpuzzlecompany.com/pages/missing-piece

Oodles Puzzles (Mchezo)
Fill out the contact form at https://www.mchezo.com/contact for assistance

Outset Media
Visit https://www.outsetmedia.com/about-us/contact-us for assistance

Puzzle Twist
Visit https://www.puzzletwist.com/pages/contact-us for assistance

Ravensburger Puzzles
Complete the form at https://www.ravensburger.us/service/replacement-parts/index.html for assistance

Renegade Games
Contact customer service at https://www.renegadegamestudios.com/customer-service for assistance

Springbok Puzzles
Follow the instructions at https://www.springbok-puzzles.com/customer-satisfaction-guarantee-s/1943.htm for a replacement puzzle

TDC Puzzles
Complete the Contact Form at https://tdcgames.com/pages/contact-us for assistance

The OP (usaopoly)
Submit a Replacements form at https://theop.games/replacements/

White Mountain Puzzles
Follow the instructions at https://www.whitemountainpuzzles.com/pages/happiness-guarantee for assistance

Wooden City Puzzles
Fill out the contact form at https://wooden.city/p/lost-or-broken-part-request/

World Traveler's Puzzles
Complete the Contact Form at https://www.worldtravelerspuzzles.com/contact for assistance

Email the Galt Toys team at [email protected]

Wrebbit 3D
Follow the instructions at https://www.wrebbit3dpuzzle.com/missing-pieces/ for a replacement piece!



If you're having difficulty getting in touch with your puzzle's manufacturer AND you purchased your puzzle from Board Game Barrister as a NEW item (For Used Puzzles, see the Puzzle Doctor section below), submit our Contact Us form, and we will attempt to provide a proper solution. We'll pull a few strings, rub some elbows... just kidding, but we might be able to check in with a manufacturer if something seems amiss in their normal Contact channels.

Please include your order number (for online orders) or TX transaction number (for in-store) so that we can locate your order in our system.

OKAY, THIS ONE'S A HINT MORE INVOLVED: Make an Appointment with the Puzzle Doctor

There's always a way, right? You can order a custom crafted replacement piece from The Jigsaw Puzzle Doctor. It's a paid service that will recreate and construct your missing piece, then send it to you. This is a great solution if you bought a used puzzle from us and it turned out to be missing a piece - or if the above steps were unable to solve your missing piece woes.

Board Game Barrister is not affiliated with The Jigsaw Puzzle Doctor, but we do think what they do is pretty amazing!