Open Gaming, Sunday—Mayfair (In-Store Event Only)

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We're proud to offer an amazing board game library with hundreds of titles—and they’re all here for you to play!


$10 In for $10 Off
Open Gaming tickets are $10 per player–and you get $10 Off other items in your cart at checkout!


An Open Gaming ticket will get you a seat in our event space as well as access to the entire Game Library for your selected time slot.

First Timeslot: 11:30am–3:15PM
Second Timeslot: 3:30pm–6:45PM

Claim your Seats Ahead!
If you want to be sure there are tables available, we suggest pre-purchasing your seats. Each week's Open Gaming tickets become available on Monday morning.

Bringing your Own Games?
That’s great! Feel free to break out your favorites from home. We just ask that you let us know what you’re bringing when you arrive—that way we know what you’re leaving with as well.