Dungeons & Dragons—Saturday—North Shore (In-Store Event Only)

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This page is for ALL Events on Saturday, July 24, 2021, at our North Shore location.

Event tickets become available on Mondays, for the following weekend.

Each week, we host various D&D tables–something for everyone, whether you're a newcomer to the game, a returning veteran, or looking for an ongoing campaign.

Event Times
We host two D&D play sessions every Saturday. There are multiple tables available during each session:

First Session: 11:30–3:00PM
Second Session: 3:15PM–6:45PM

Your Dungeon Masters
We’ve hand selected many of the greatest dungeon masters in our player community to sit at the helm of your table. They’ll prepare each week’s session well in advance so you know what to expect when you sign up at a table.

Read the BGB Dungeon Master's Guide for more details on DMing at in-store events.

Adventurers League is D&D’s official organized play system. It’s a compelling way to take part in stories that are being played out by D&D players everywhere. Anyone can begin playing in Adventurers League by taking the following three steps:

First Session, Table 1 - Adventures in Icewind Dale run by Nicolas.

New players encouraged.
This sessions is an Adventurer's League Module.
Suggested Character Level: 1-5
Character Creation Notes: This is a hardcover adventure run using the Adventurers' League rules. A character created for the current season is required to play. (The latest Player's Guide should be linked above, I will assist if there's any confusion.)

A frozen land cursed with seemingly endless night. Will you hole up in one of its settlements, set out into the wilderness, or look for ways to help the desperate people of Icewind Dale?
This session will begin at the gates of Bryn Shander, the largest of the Dale's Ten Towns. From there, you can learn about any number of opportunities for adventure in the region, or simply resupply on your way elsewhere. First, though, you need to get inside...

There is no mature content planned for this session.
There are no triggering situations planned for this session.

Second Session, Table 1 - Ghosts of Saltmarsh run by Nicolas.

New players encouraged.
This sessions is an Adventurer's League Module.
Suggested Character Level: 1-4 (required)
Character Creation Notes: This module is played in the Historic Campaign of the Adventurers' League (this covers most material from before the current season.) Bring in an old tier 1 AL character, or make a new one at 1st level using point-buy and rules from published D&D sources.

You've heard tales of an old haunted house near the coastal town of Saltmarsh, the crumbling abode of a now long-dead alchemist. There are rumors of a sizable library inside, and hidden treasure of the monetary sort as well. Whether these are what drew you in, or whether something less tangible (perhaps curiosity, or the hope of quelling the locals' fear) is your motivator, you have come together to mount an expedition into this decaying manor overlooking neglected fields and a dismal sea. Every town has its haunted house, doesn't it?

I'm sure everything will turn out fine.

There is no mature content planned for this session.
There are no triggering situations planned for this session.

Second Session, Table 2 - Desert Roses run by Kirk.

New players encouraged.
This sessions is part of an ongoing campaign-official hardcover content.
Suggested Character Level: Level 3
Character Creation Notes: Please use any official D&D content

Zerzuru. The Great Oasis. The Desert Paradise. A paradise to few, but home to many. This land has sunk its claws deep within you and will not let go. A revolution stirs in the lowest castes of the city, and unrest across the continent spurs untold adventure. All the learning of The Astrologers and all the riches of The Great Market cannot stop this New Age.

You have emigrated to this land to partake of its supposed wonders, and reap its spoils. But you soon learned that meritocracy reigns supreme here, and exactly what decides 'merit'. Create for yourself a hero worthy of weathering the storms of this land, You are invited to use any official D&D content to form your character. Then pray to your Gods for keen wits and luck in battle, for Zerzuru is a land for more than thriving amidst the sands. This is a nation filled with mysteries and wonders to devour even the mightiest of souls. And your adventure will take you from the deepest slums to the towering mountains. Expect the unexpected, for demons, djinni, ghuls, and shapeshifters alike are positively drooling at the idea of conflict among the mortal races...

This campaign draws heavily upon Middle Eastern mythology, and shall contain heavy roleplay, mind bending puzzles, and intense combat.

This campaign may have the use of alcohol for more than just cleaning wounds.
This campaign can occasionally contain gruesome imagery. Death abounds in equal measure to life this land, and evil is alive and well.
The session is intended for all audiences.