Dungeons & Dragons—Saturday—North Shore (In-Store Event Only)

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This page is for ALL Events on Saturday, November 27, 2021, at our North Shore location.

Event tickets become available on Mondays, for the following weekend.

Each week, we host various D&D tables–something for everyone, whether you're a newcomer to the game, a returning veteran, or looking for an ongoing campaign.

Event Times
We host two D&D play sessions every Saturday. There are multiple tables available during each session:

First Session: 11:30–3:00PM
Second Session: 3:15PM–6:45PM

Your Dungeon Masters
We’ve hand selected many of the greatest dungeon masters in our player community to sit at the helm of your table. They’ll prepare each week’s session well in advance so you know what to expect when you sign up at a table.

Read the BGB Dungeon Master's Guide for more details on DMing at in-store events.

Adventurers League is D&D’s official organized play system. It’s a compelling way to take part in stories that are being played out by D&D players everywhere. Anyone can begin playing in Adventurers League by taking the following three steps:

First Session, Table 1 - Rime of the Frostmaiden run by Nicolas.

Experienced players preferred.
This sessions is an Adventurer's League Module.
Suggested Character Level: 5-12
Character Creation Notes: This is a hardcover adventure run using Adventurers League rules. You may begin play at 5th level, using most official sourcebooks and point-buy for ability scores. I will also have limited premade characters available.

Icewind Dale was never a particularly inviting place to those who had anywhere better to be. The last year or so, though, has been darker, colder, and more brutal than usual. Your final quest here involves the search for an ancient city beneath a glacier, and the source of the the magic that once allowed it to fly. After traversing the tundra, you've opened the glacier at its weak spot. Now, an icy cavern is all that lies between you and your goal. Ignore the cackling coming from inside.

There may be moderate violence and graphic imagery.
There are no specific triggering situations planned for this session.

Second Session, Table 1 - Wild Beyond the Witchlight run by Nicolas.

New players encouraged.
This sessions is an Adventurer's League Module.
Suggested Character Level: 1-4
Character Creation Notes: This session is run using Adventurers League rules; please create your character with official sources, using point-buy or the standard array for ability scores.
This story is more of a fairy tale adventure than a hack-and-slash dungeon crawl. Feel free to be imaginative with your character!

You've found yourselves in the Faerie-land of Prismeer, seeking something small but meaningful that was taken from you. This search, and the search for a way home, will lead through a stinking swamp, deep forest, and towering mountains. The hags in charge of these three regions currently possess the things you lost. Navigating the rules of this realm to get them back may not be as simple as fighting them for it, though. And who knows what else waits for you along the way?

There is no mature content planned for this session.
There may be injured animals and themes of fairy tale abduction, bewitchment, etc.