Prerelease Events—Mayfair, The Brothers' War—Magic: the Gathering (In-Store Event Only) (Sold Out)

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> Masks are required for event participants.


Welcome to Prerelease at our Mayfair Location!

As a participant, you’ll be among the first to revisit the ancient conflict between Urza and Mishra that set into motion everything that has unfolded on Dominaria and the multiverse since. Open six booster packs, build a deck, and compete for more packs and prizes!

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Friday Prerelease—November 11
Registration & Check-In—5:30PM
Deckbuilding Begins—6:00PM

Build a deck, then play four Best-of-One Rounds, each 25 minutes


Saturday Prerelease—November 12
Store Opens & Registration—11:00AM
Deckbuilding Begins—11:30AM

Build a deck, then play four Best-of-Three Rounds, each 50 minutes.


How Does Prerelease Work?
At a Board Game Barrister Prerelease event, you’ll open six draft booster packs from the new set. Build a deck from their contents and play your new deck against a new opponent every round! See our Prerelease Prep from a Former First-Timer for some more guidance and insights.

Everyone who plays through the entire event will take home booster packs from the new set!

0-1 Wins—1 Set Booster Pack
2 Wins—1 Set Booster Pack + 1 Draft Booster Pack
3rd Win—1 Set Booster Pack + 2 Draft Booster Packs
4th Win—1 Set Booster Pack + 3 Draft Booster Packs