Prerelease Events—Greenfield, Lost Caverns of Ixalan—Magic: the Gathering (In-Store Event Only) (Sold Out)

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Welcome to Prerelease at our Greenfield Location!


As a participant, you’ll be among the first to venture back to the adventurous land of Ixalan. Open six booster packs, build a deck, and compete for more packs and prizes!

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Friday Prerelease—November 10
Registration & Check-In—5:30PM
Deckbuilding Begins—6:00PM

Build a deck, then play four Best-of-One Rounds, each 25 minutes

Saturday TWO-HEADED GIANT—November 11
Doors Open & Registration—11:00AM
Deckbuilding Begins—11:30AM

TWO-HEADED GIANT: Grab a partner and face off against other pairs in the special prerelease format!
You and your partner combine your card pools, build two decks, then play four Best-of-One Rounds, each 50 minutes
Learn more about the Two-Headed Giant format here
If this event has fewer than 8 players, it will revert to a normal singles event.
Individual players are welcome, and will be paired as attendance allows.


How Does Prerelease Work?
At a Board Game Barrister Prerelease event, you’ll open six draft booster packs from the new set. Build a deck from their contents and play your new deck against a new opponent every round! See our Prerelease Prep from a Former First-Timer for some more guidance and insights.

Everyone who plays through the entire event will take home booster packs from the new set!

0-1 Wins—1 Set Booster Pack
2 Wins—1 Set Booster Pack + 1 Draft Booster Pack
3rd Win—1 Set Booster Pack + 2 Draft Booster Packs
4th Win—1 Set Booster Pack + 3 Draft Booster Packs