Innsmouth 32

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Cards! Dice! Lovecraft!

A tale of terror unfolds when gangsters hijack a tour bus of Miskatonic University scholars and students. One wrong turn brings the group to the deserted seaside town of Innsmouth. One player is the Director who controls the movie’s monsters and its twisted plot. All other players take on the roles of the survivors in this fast-paced, cinematic card-n-dice game. Will anyone survive this night of Lovecraftian sanity-shattering terror?”


PLAYING TIME: 90 minutes
# OF PLAYERS: 3 – 13


One player takes on the role of the director (a narrator/dealer) who must be familiar with the rules of play and the movie deck card types. All other players star as the movie’s cast who must fight for their lives to make it out alive. With each turn of the card, horrible events and unearthly terrors are revealed upon the central movie screen.

A cooperative game until it’s not. Eliminated players join the Director’s team as decrepit cultists and deep ones playing against the remaining survivors. Terror awaits around every shadowy corner of this town.

Innsmouth 32  introduces two new concepts for Shuffling Horror play: Insanity and Mythos. No prior experience with the Shuffling Horror system is required for the players.

Perfect for game night or movie night. This game allows the terror to slowly mount around the players as they find themselves trapped in this truly weird tale!