Yukon Salon

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Yukon Salon at a Glance

  • A quick, humorous, and family-friendly card game in a tin.
  • Hairdos flip to become beards for lumberjacks and hairstyles for bears.
  • Custom wood dice have bear faces for the ones.

The World of Yukon Salon

Welcome to your new career as a stylist at the Yukon Salon! Your clients are grizzly bears and lumberjacks. They need the prettiest hairdos and wildest beards — or the wildest hairdos and prettiest beards — that the great frozen north has ever seen.

Gameplay Basics

Bears have hair, lumberjacks have beards, and they both need your hairdressing help!

  • Match each style in your repertoire to just the right client, rolling custom wood dice to stye them.
  • On a fail, make outrageous claims to keep them from walking out. 
  • Any style can rotate to become a hairdo or beard!

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