Weird Little Games, Volume 1: Being Weird Together

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Weird Little Games is a collection of, you know, weird little games. Specifically role-playing games, ranging from more or less traditional to weird story games to freeform. It includes six complete games, plus some bonus stuff.

Schoolgirl RPG

An intensely random comedy RPG based on the rules of Maid: The Role-Playing Game. Be a (randomly-generated) Japanese schoolgirl RPG, and let random stuff happen, randomly.


A freeform RPG about going to an anime convention and what you find there. It turns out anime fans are people too, good and bad.

Fullmetal President

Be the President (or a member of the cabinet), get in your power suit, and save America from tyranny! Or to put it another way, roll a bunch of dice and narrate how stuff explodes!

Melancholy Kaiju

This is a storytelling game about giant monsters who feel kinda sad. No, really. Take turns playing cards and narrate your kaiju dealing with the little triumphs and failures of everyday life.

Raspberry Heaven

A heartwarming game about the lives of high school girls, in the style of manga like Azumanga Daioh and Hidamari Sketch.

Saving Throw

A satirical mini-RPG based on Chick Tracts, those tiny evangelical Christian comics you may have seen virtually anywhere.

Bonus #1: Entanglements

A system for building relationship maps to give a long-term campaign a rich starting point that you create collaboratively.

Bonus #2: Ewen’s Tables Sampler

A selection of 12 different random generator tables from the Ewen’s Tables series of PDFs. Not the absolute silliest thing you could do with six-sided dice, but up there.