Trash Talk

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How does a raccoon talk to a possum? With trash, of course! Use prized treasures pulled from dumpsters, gutters, and maybe a few stolen from the humans, to master cross-species communication so everyone wins!

In Trash Talk, one player will take the role of Raccoon, and the rest of the players are Possums. The raccoon will draw three word cards for the round, then secretly decide which random objects best represent each of those words. Then it's up to the possums to try to guess which object is matched with which word. If they guess correctly, they add a fourth object and move onto the next round, where the raccoon will now draw four cards. You'll have to reach round 10 and get a perfect match on all 10 objects to win as a team!

Two Player Rules
In the first round of play, three word cards are revealed, and each player (or team) secretly assigns the same three objects to these three words. These objects come from an assortment of odd items included in the box. Does the plastic plant best match the word "double", "dream", or "sharp"? Once both sides have locked in their choices, reveal the objects. If you match all three objects, put those cards aside, add a fourth object, lay out new cards, and play another round; if not, try again with three new cards. If you fail again, you lose the game. If you successfully make your way up to matching ten objects with ten cards, you win!

  • Includes 20 physical items your friends will be fighting over the meaning of all night!
  • Challenging “win condition” makes you want to keep playing with friends!
  • Unique party game that gets people talking.

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