The Night Hunter Game - Murder Mystery Party

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It was more than 20 years ago when The Night Hunter terrified America with a series of disturbing, animalistic murders. He taunted police and wrote strange and bewildering letters to the media. The public breathed a sigh of relief, thinking the reign of terror ended when Bill Mendax confessed to the crimes and was sentenced to life in prison. But now a new murder has taken place, with similarities previously not released to the public. Is it a copycat? Does Mendax have a partner? Or has the wrong person been behind bars with the real killer on the loose all of this time?

The Bureau needs your help to find the truth before The Night Hunter kills again. Join the Bureau in search of clues as you explore over 100 unique pieces of evidence to learn about The Night Hunter's past and solve the murders in the present. It will take lots of evidence and listening to witnesses to catch the murderer.

The game includes over 100 unique components and players are immersed in true crime forensics not seen in other games. The companion website features audio and video evidence where players listen to witness testimonies, check the accuracy of answers, and receive chilling message from The Night Hunter himself. Requires 2 CR2016 Batteries (included).

Recommended for 1 or more players, ages 14+.

Contents include: 4 Homicide Cases, Over 100 Pieces of Evidence, Interactive Website with Hints and Solutions, Test for Forensic Evidence, Letters from the Night Hunter125+ Unique Pieces of Content, Instructions. Requires 2 CR2016 Batteries (included).