Steam Up: A Feast of Dim Sum

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Steam Up is a competitive Dim Sum collection board game with authentic cultural experience

Welcome to Steam Up, a world-renowned Dim Sum restaurant best known for its top 5 most popular Dim Sum:

Juicy Shrimp Dumpling, tender Meat Dumpling, soft and fluffy BBQ Meat Bun, flavorful Sticky Rice, and exquisite Phoenix Claw.

These various dim sum dishes will rotate around the central turntable in stacks of adorable steamers. Use your food tokens to collect dim sum from the steamers in front of you, but beware, your fellow players might rotate the turntable and try to get to your dim sum first!

Be prepared to compete as one of 12 animal characters to devour as much as possible and leave with the fullest stomach!


A great medium-light weight game for 2-5 players