Sell Yourself Short

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Sell Yourself Short™ is the hilarious adult party game where it pays to lowball! To play, you'll underbid your friends to do ridiculous challenges. Bid to score points or to drive your opponent's price down -- whatever your strategy, leave your dignity at the door and get ready to commit some random acts of nonsense! Pull a challenge card and read it to the group, then start the bidding war. You can bid zero to 10 points on each dare, but whoever bids the lowest performs the challenge -- and gets the points! Before you perform your challenge, spin the spinner -- depending on where it lands, you could earn extra points or force another player to do the dare. Whether you're the one performing the dare or the one watching, the results are seriously funny. The first player to reach 10 points wins. So, how low will you go to reach the top? Bring laugh-out-loud fun to game nights and get-togethers with this party game for adults and teens. For 3 to 8 players, 14 years old and up.