D&D: The Horror in Darkfall (SAT 11:30am LXG10-S-GF-SAT-A-2) (In-Store Event Only)

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D&D: The Horror in Darkfall

Location: Greenfield
Date: SAT 2023-12-02 11:30am
Seating Cap: 5
GM: Terrelle

New players encouraged.
This session is an Adventurer's League Module.
Suggested Character Level: 1-4
Character Creation Notes: The DM has no additional requirements for character creation. Pre-generated characters will not be available.

Your Character just landed on the shores of Darkfall, a town on a remote asteroid, and delivered some crucial supplies needed by the town. Now you have a full day to explore, relax, shop or do any other activities that might interest you in this small, out of the way place. But while their, you notice the creepiness, and suspicious behavior of the townspeople.. what is going on here in Darkfall?

There is no mature content planned for this session.
Themes that may be triggering for some players: Abduction, Sacrifice, Horror