D&D: World's Voice (SAT 3:15pm LXG10-S-BS-SAT-B-1) (In-Store Event Only)

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D&D: World's Voice

Location: Bayshore store
Date: SAT 2023-12-02 3:15pm
Seating Cap: 7
GM: Nic

New players encouraged.
This session is part of an ongoing campaign-homebrew or 3rd party content.
Suggested Character Level: 1-3
Character Creation Notes: Major characters have something special. Please start with a feat or magic item (up to rare) that "says something" about who you are. Most published sources allowed.

The town of Parsifal sits between the mountains and a war-ravaged wasteland, a stop on the region's main road. It's not a bad place to find yourselves, all things considered. There's a market, comfortable places to rest, and locals used to passing strangers. Of course, Parsifal also has its share of problems like anywhere else; things best left for seasoned adventurers to deal with.

But you're here, so you'll do.

There is no mature content planned for this session.
There are no triggering situations planned for this session.