The Red Dragon Inn 1

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The Adventure's over, but the party's just getting started!You and your adventuring companions have spent all day sloggingthrough theDungeon, killing monsters and taking their stuff.Nowyou're back in town, healed up, cleaned up,and ready to party at theRed Dragon Inn.Drink, gamble, and roughhouse with your friends. But don't forget tokeep an eye on your Gold. If yourun out, you'll have to spend thenight in the stables. Oh... and try not to get too beaten up ortoo drunk.If you black out, your friends will continue the party without you... afterthey loot your body for Gold of course!The last conscious adventurer with Gold wins the game!Take on the role of one of these heroic fantasy adventurers- Dierdre,Fiona, Gerki, or Zot - and enjoy an evening at the Red Dragon Inn!Dierdre the Priestess uses the power of the Goddess to protect and heal her friends and to smite the wicked creatures of the deep dungeons. She'll also smite anyonewho treats her like a bimbo even though she's not above working her good looks get her way. Fiona the Volatile is a brash warrior maiden is quickwith a sword... or axe, or dagger, or any other sharp or pointy thing she can get her hands on. Gerki the Sneak's a shifty halfling whose pockets are always full of Gold. A master of poisons, mechanisms, and stabbing people in the back, Gerki hassaved the lives of his friends many, many times. Of course, if he wasn't so darn useful they most likely would have killed him by now!Zot the Wizard might have had a cushy job teaching magic theory at the Wizards' College, had he not been saddledwith Pooky, a psychotic, binge drinking bunny rabbit, as his familiar.