Purple Magnetic Folding Dice Tray (Hexagon)

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Honor your dice with a sanctum that celebrates their fate-determining power and showcases their polyhedral prowess. Coral your fate with the Forged Gaming Magnetic Folding Dice Tray!.


  • Faux Black Dragon Hide – Has the look and feel reminiscent of real wyrm skin.
  • 2 inch Deep Tray and 7 inch interior Rolling Surface (Corner to Corner) – Cast your dice into a gladiatorial chamber built for heroic battle.  Hex shape measures: FLAT: 11x12 inches - FOLDED: 7.75 inches (corner to corner) and 7 Inches (flat to flat).
  • Foldable – Strong magnets at the corners hold the tray together and after critical hit rolls and initiative victories our Magnetic Foldable Dice Tray easily unfolds flat for easy transport to the next battle.
  • Luxurious Velvet Rolling Surface – Caresses your dice and helps prevent rogue rolls and role-play-induced injuries.