MVP Account Registration

Maximum Purchase:
1 unit

Who is this free account creation tool for?
If you have never had an MVP Club account at any Board Game Barrister location, this item will create your free MVP account and apply it to your online store account. You'll earn MVP Points for every purchase you make!

How to use this tool:

You will receive a confirmation email for the order and a separate email with the subject Welcome the Board Game Barrister MVP Club confirming your MVP account information.  You can use this information when registering your vaccination status for in-store events.

Seeing a price of $987,654.32? This means one of two things:

  • You are not logged into any online store account - log in now!
  • You ARE logged into an online store account, but you already have an MVP Account tied to your online store account. Find your MVP number under Account>Account Settings.

Already have an MVP Club Account, but lost your number?
You won't need this tool at all! Contact us by email, or chat with us online, and we'll be happy to look up your MVP Club number. You can then add it to your online store account under Account>Account Settings.



 [BGB note: this item works by having a $0 base cost so that legacy online accounts can see it for $0 when logged in.  There is a "Guest - No Account" Customer Group that has a Product Level Fixed Price for this item set to $987,654,32, and the Default Customer Group for Guest checkouts is set to this customer group.  This creates a mechanism for only people who have created an online account to be able to register for an MVP account.]