Mind MGMT: the Psychic Espionage Game

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MIND MGMT: The Psychic Espionage “Game” is a one-versus-many, hidden-movement game about a top-secret organization that uses psychic spies to alter world events.

One player is the Recruiter for MIND MGMT who must race around Zanzibar in an attempt to collect enough new recruits to win.

All the other players are Rogue Agents who used to work for MIND MGMT, but now are trying to take it down from the outside. If they can deduce and pinpoint the exact location of the Recruiter they win!

Amazing features:

  • One of the fastest hidden movement games on the market!
  • Secrets throughout lead to print & play content for the game!
  • Solo & Co-op mode included with free iOs and Android app
  • Campaign-style game with 14 sealed packages to unlock