Maker Studio Propellers

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Designed by engineers for budding engineers! Maker Studio Construction Sets inspire imagination and a love for engineering. Using your maker parts, have fun transforming ordinary objects into working, kinetic inventions. In this set featuring propellers, you can build a chopper, a biplane, a windmill and a plane. Once you've completed a build, put your creative-thinking skills to the test and use your new creations to complete 10 engineering challenges. You'll have to think like a true engineer as you design your solutions. Each Maker Studio Set comes with all the essential engineering elements so you can build just about anything-all you need is a little imagination! Collect and combine all three Maker Studio sets-Propellers, Gears and Winches-for more building fun. Hidden within each set you'll find brain building essentials for 21st century thinking such as spatial and sequential reasoning, beginning physics, creativity and executive function.