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Love Letter is a fantastic card game of bluffing and deception. You all play as suitors trying to win the heart of a princess by sending her a love letter. Players will always have one card in their hand symbolizing which member of the royal court currently has their letter. Each of your turns, you will draw a card and decide which card you will keep, and which you will play/discard. Some cards are more valuable than others and all cards have special things they can do when played. At the end of each round, you either want to be the last suitor standing (with all other players eliminated from the round), or have the most influential court member (highest numbered card) left in your hand to win the affection of the princess. Rounds are quick and fun, but do not let the theme deceive you, this game can become cutthroat very quickly!

This version contains the follow court member cards: 1 Princess, 1 Countess, 1 King, 2 Chancellors, 2 Princes, 2 Handmaids, 2 Barons, 2 Priests, 5 Guards, and 2 Spies

Ages 8+

Play time: 20 minutes

Players 2-4