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Illiterati is a real time, cooperative, survival word game where creativity and strategy are your greatest weapons against the forces of illiteracy.

Draw letters and form words. Words must be 3 letters or more, excluding proper nouns.

As a team, work together to use all of the letters. Players are free to move letters and words among each other. Any unused letters at the end of each round are burned; burn too many letters and you lose the game.

Complete objectives to win the game. To win, all players must complete two individual books, including a collective Final Chapter. Letters carry forward from round to round, and it may take you several rounds to gather enough letters to finish a book!

All while surviving the devastation of the Illiterati! At the end of each round, a random Illiterati villain card is drawn and it's effects are resolved. If that villain has been drawn before, a devastating chain attack is unleashed, causing all of the previously played card by that villain to be retriggered. So move swiftly/quickly, because the forces of Illiteracy grow stronger the longer the games goes on.

Great for 1-5 Players, Ages 7+