High Score

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Roll some dice, make the right moves, get lucky, and earn the most points by the end of the game! High Score is a competitive dice game that marries the luck of the dice with strategic gameplay and ever-changing rules. 

Each round players are presented with a new challenge card that dictates different dice-rolling rules for that round. Players take turns rolling dice, deciding if they want to re-roll dice, and trying to get the most points possible as determined by the current challenge card: Do only the odd dice count? What value is the vortex die in this round? Which dice count towards your final score? The player with the most points by the end of seven rounds wins! 

High Score takes the basic concepts of Yahtzee or Farkle and adds a layer of strategy that makes the game way more replayable. It’s great for game nights or to teach kids basic math concepts like quadratic equations in a simple and fun way.

  • A fast-paced, competitive dice rolling game that combines luck and strategy in a clever, exciting way.
  • Play occurs over seven rounds, with dice-rolling rules that change from round to round.
  • Challenge cards determine how players score their turn and add an element of surprise and chance to the game.
  • Re-roll for a chance to score more points…or risk losing them all!
  • Small footprint and simple rules make this a great pick for an in-store demo or a quick start to game night with family and friends.
  • Huge potential for classroom use, providing students an engaging way to practice math concepts like addition, subtraction, and quadratic equations.

Great for 2-5 Players, Ages 8+