Guild of Merchant Explorers

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The Queen has sent out a call to The Guild of Merchant Explorers, asking brave adventurers to voyage to all corners of the kingdom of Tigomé.

While the kingdom is flourishing, its maps have not been updated in some time and its great cities have lost contact with one another.

With your team of explorers, you will journey over rough seas, majestic mountains, vast deserts, and lush grasslands to establish trade routes between cities, climb far-seeing discovery towers, and visit new villages that have emerged.


--Barrister Breakdown--

In this game, each player gets their own map to explore. Each turn, we draw a card to determine what sort of land we can explore this turn—like three water spaces in a straight line, or a single mountain space. Everyone starts at their home city, but as you can explore, you can discover other cities which can act as your new starting space in future rounds! Plus, each player will have opportunities to add individual special cards to their exploration retinue, which no one else has access to!

This game has a great start-small-build-bigger feel, and it gives you tons of options and opportunities every turn, so it's just a matter of what you do with those opportunities that will decide what sort of wonders you find on your journey. Plus, you score points consistently throughout the game as you're exploring, so it feels very rewarding from start to finish.