GraviTrax Junior: My Ice World Starter Set

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GraviTrax Junior gives children from the age of 3 a child-friendly introduction to themed marble track worlds

GraviTrax Junior is an interactive marble run system for children aged 3 and up. Boys and girls create their own marble run worlds, which can be flexibly decorated to create individual themed worlds. Building and playing fun are combined.
GraviTrax Junior can be expanded as desired by adding components or special elements. Sets with theme-specific decorations allow children to create their own worlds - for lasting play fun.

GraviTrax Junior is an interactive marble run system for boys and girls from 3 years: With GraviTrax Junior, children don't just build simple marble tracks.
By decorating individually with lovingly designed elements, children create their own themed worlds.
GraviTrax Junior focuses on age-appropriate learning content.
Motor skills and spatial thinking are encouraged through the free design of the ball tracks. By exploring the rolling behavior of the balls, the principle of cause and effect is experienced at first hand. Playing with the (animal) figures and decorating the themed worlds encourage children's creative role play and imagination.
Through various extensions, children can expand their ball tracks and redesign them again and again - long-lasting play fun guaranteed.


6 baseplates, 3 marbles, 36 hight tiles, 1 bridge, 4 straights, 4 slopes, 11 curves big, 4 curves small, 1 starter two-part, 1 finish, 1 hammer, 1 seesaw, 10 3D decorative elements, 4 Cardboard animals, 6 base stones, 6 decoration-caps, 1 instruction