Forbidden Jungle

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Low on fuel, your rocket’s guidance system leads you to a mysterious, abandoned, spaceport on remote moon. The spacecraft is completely overgrown with jungle and is infested with a colony of spider-like aliens who don’t take kindly to their nest being invited. It soon becomes clear why the port was abandoned as whole sections of the station begin dropping into sinkholes! Your only hope of escape is to put a transportation portal back in service. Perhaps it will take you to the planet below? Unfortunately, all of the portals are overgrown and without power. Can you power up a portal and make your escape before its too late.


Suggested Age 10+

2-5 Players

Game length 45 minutes 


42 cards
24 web tokens
24 tiles
20 eggs
15 hatchlings
12 alien creatures
6 pawns
6 meter clips
1 threat meter
1 threat meter stand
Rules of Play

strategic thinking
visual discrimination


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