Flourish Signature Edition

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Flourish is a beautiful, unique card-drafting, garden-building game where players plan and build the garden of their dreams over the course of the growing season.

With delightful imagery, players plan their gardens throughout the game to collect the most points.An easy-to-learn game offering both competitive strategy and cooperative game modes and a 1-7 player count it provides a high level of accessibility and replayability.

Our Signature Edition includes two expansions: Friends & Follies. The Friends expansion features helpful animal guests that will score you more points at the end of the game. Follies add beautiful 3D garden structures that enhance your garden. The base game can be played with one or both expansions!


98 Cards, 7 Scoreboards, 7 3D Walls, 24 Ribbon tokens, 3 Medal victory tokens, 1 Victory card

Friends & Follies Expansions:
13 Friend mini cards, 35 3D Folly buildings, 1 Victory Plaque