First & Last drinking game

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Pump up the adrenaline at your next party with First & Last, the party game for competitive people! Just pull a card and race your fellow players to do what it says – whether it's to unlock your phone without using your hands, say hello in a foreign language, or name a brand of toilet paper. Be the first to perform the task and you'll get rewarded – but if you're too slow, you'll face the consequences! Brought to you by the creators of Buzzed.

Adults only: This game is intended for ages 21+ because booze is for grownups :) Always drink responsibly (and legally).

A rotating judge pulls a card and reads it out loud. Act fast -- everyone else races to do what the card says. The judge determines who was first and last to complete the task, and those players give out a drink and take a drink, respectively. Repeat until thoroughly hydrated. It’s most fun with 3 to 20 players.