Board Game Barrister Online Store FAQ

Q:  Where are all your locations?

Bayshore store, 5789 North Bayshore Drive

Mayfair Mall store, 2500 N. Mayfair Road

South Milwaukee location, 1007 Milwaukee Avenue

North Shore store, 5530 North Port Washington Road

  • Our North Shore store has moved back to Bayshore! (see above)

Greenfield store, 6120 W. Layton Avenue

  • After 7 wonderful years, our Greenfield store is now closed.

 Oak & Shield Gaming pub, 600 E. Ogden Avenue

  • After 2 wonderful years, the Oak & Shield Gaming Pub is now closed.

Online store

  • Open 24/7.

  • Customers can select shipping, in-store pickup, or home delivery (certain limitations apply).

Q:  How does In-Store Pickup work?

  1. Place your order via our online store.  When you check out, enter your full contact information and select the pickup location of your choice as a Shipping selection.

  2. Wait for the “Ready for pickup” notification.  When your order is ready for pickup, you will receive an automated email notification, and we will also telephone you with pickup instructions.

  3. Follow the pickup instructions (varies by location).

Q:  How do I select In-Store Pickup during checkout?

When viewing your shopping cart and proceeding to checkout, please enter your name and contact information under “Shipping.”  After you enter this information, all options will become visible in the “Shipping Methods” box, including free store pickup.

Q: How long will it take for my in-store pickup order to be ready?

If you have purchased all items that are currently in-stock at your chosen pickup location, on average we are able to have those orders ready for pickup within 1 hour of assigning the order pick list to an employee.  If you have purchased any items that are not in-stock at your chosen pickup location, they will be transferred to your pickup location.  Depending on what time of day & what day of week you place your order, these items will arrive usually within 1-3 days.  We will notify you when your order is ready for pickup.

Q: How long will it take for my shipping order to be ready?

If you purchased all items that are currently in-stock at our South Milwaukee location, your order will generally ship the following business day (Monday-Friday).  If you have purchased items that are not in-stock at South Milwaukee, they will be transferred to South Milwaukee.  Depending on what time of day & what day of week you place your order, these items will usually arrive at South Milwaukee within 1-3 days.  They will then ship the following business day (Monday-Friday).  We will notify you when your order has shipped.

Q: Can I pick up part of my order now, and the rest when it arrives?

No. Please wait until you receive your “Ready for Pickup” notification before heading to the store.

Q: How can I tell if you have an item in stock?

When viewing an item (either the item details page, or the “Quick View”), there is a section called "Current Stock Levels."  You can view its current stock quantity at each location.

Q: I searched for a specific item, but I couldn’t find it.

If an item does not appear in your search, it could be due to two different scenarios. 1) We don't carry the item, or 2) the item is currently out of stock. If you suspect the item may not be appearing due to an error, feel free to confirm the item's status by contacting us via our Virtual Barrister text and video chats.

Q: I need this specific item right away.  What's the fastest way to get it?

The fastest way to get an item is to look at which location has it in stock, and order it from that location for in-store pickup.  Please be sure to check that location’s hours of operation before placing your order.

Q: I want to order an item that’s in-stock at Location A, but I want to pick it up at Location B.

Simply place the order for pickup at your preferred pickup location.  Items will be transferred from other locations as needed.  You will be notified when the item has arrived and is ready for pickup.

Q: It says you only have 1 copy left.  Can I be sure I will get my item?

It is possible that the last item is indeed a digital phantom - we think we have it, but we can't find it, it is damaged, or is unavailable for some other reason.  it happens.  We'll know for sure when we lay hands on it.  When we do confirm that your item exists, you'll receive the "Items En Route" status update.   If we are unable to fill your order, it will be cancelled and refunded.

Q: Can I use a gift card or certificate online?

Find all the gift card and gift certificate info here.

Q: Do you offer home delivery?

Yes, we currently offer same-day/next-day delivery to Milwaukee and the surrounding areas. If your zip code is in our delivery zone, the Same-Day/Next-Day Delivery option will appear in your shipping options.

Q: Can I come in and browse/shop?

Yep, we'd love to see you! Find our store locations and hours here.

Q: Can I have someone else pick up my order?

If you have received your “Ready for pickup” notification, you may send someone else to pick up your order.  They must provide the order number and the name on the order.

Q: How many days do I have to pick up my order?

As many as you need! After you order an item, it's yours to claim when you wish. However, once a week has passed, we will begin to give you a reminder phone call every Monday.