Escape From The Asylum

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Escape from the Asylum is a thrilling escape room experience in the form of a co-operative board game. The game is divided into two parts, and each part is a collection of five stories. In each story, you assume a role of a character trying to escape the North Oaks asylum. To accomplish that, you will have to solve puzzles and make life-changing decisions. Reveal more and more of the backstory and watch the stories intertwine as you play.

This is a fully-cooperative game for 1-6 players and actually consists of 5 stories per part and 2 parts.  That is 10 stories total and each story will take an hour or more to play.  With 10+ hours of content and scalable from 1-6 players this "escape room" style game brings some truly unique elements to the genre and is intended for players aged 12 and up.