Dungeons & Dragons Weekly Events Subscription

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Be the first to know when each week's Dungeons & Dragons event tickets are available!

Get an email notification each week when the descriptions for that week's upcoming D&D sessions are posted—with a link to pre-register and reserve your spot.

This subscription does not guarantee you a seat. You will still need to pre-register to claim a spot at the table.


Must have an approved "Vaccinated" status for your online account to see real prices and to play in the event.
Submit your COVID-19 Vaccine Status here.
(Pre-registration is available in-store for players who have submitted their vaccine status for an in-store MVP account.)


How does your free subscription work?
When you purchase this free subscription, we'll add you to our notification-only subscribers list for in-store Dungeons & Dragons events.

All subscribers receive an email notification each week when the new sessions are announced and seats are available—along with a link to reserve your seat from this online store. These notifications will be sent to your account email for the Board Game Barrister Online Store or, if you don't have an online store account, the email you use at guest checkout.  While you can register for the notification without having your COVID-19 Vaccine Status validated, you will not be able to purchase event tickets until your vaccine status is approved.


You may then, at your inclination, follow the link provided in the notification to purchase and reserve your spot in one of this week's sessions.

This is a subscription for notification only. No credit card information will be stored, and no purchase is required.

You'll always get to choose whether to follow the link you receive and purchase an event ticket.