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Something wicked isn’t coming—something wicked has arrived. In the dead of night, the gloom rolls in. Melodies susurrate in slow rhythms as children wake from their slumber. Leaping from their beds, they rush to their parents and startle them awake. The mix of fear and excitement fills the room. The lure of exotic sweets waft in on the warm summer wind. The lives of this dull, small town are revitalized with the anticipation of this dreadful circus.

Dreadful Circus is a set collection game in which you’re trying to create the most successful circus! The game comes with an unique twist - over the course of the game players are buying cards that have unique final scoring rules. As the game progresses, and more and more cards are gained, each player has developed their very own final scoring rules. No game is the same, no player at the table scores the same way. It’s an unique concept in which players, over the number of rounds build the way, they will score at the end.

Dreadful Circus is designed by industry icon Bruno Faidutti, is for 4-8 players, and plays in 30-40 minutes. The game is an extremely clever card game for gamers.

4-8 players
Ages 14+
30-45 minute play time