Digital Chess/Game Clock - Small

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8 timer rules
1 Standard time with no increments 2 Fischer Bonus(add Bonus time before each move)
3 Bronstein (Delay) 4 Accumulated Bonus Seconds(Bonus time after each move)
5 I-Go with Canadian Byo-yomi 6 I-Go Slow Byo-yomi
7 I-Go Rapid byo-yomi 8 Countup.
● Basic Time, incremental time, I-go Byo-yomi (restrict moves) are all presentable before the
start of the game. Basic Time and number of moves can also be edited in the middle of
game by pressing the pause button and by doing another 2s pause to enter into edit mode.
● All data settings are automatically recorded and saved even if the the device is powered off.
However, removing the batteries for 5 seconds will automatically reset the timer to factory
● Audible voice sound warming
● Low battery indication
● 2pcs AAA batteries and low power consumption