Dice Tray Magnetic Hex Red (Sold Out - Restock Notification Only)

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Coral your fate with the Forged Gaming Folding Dice Tray!


  • Faux Black Dragon Hide – Has the look and feel reminiscent of real wyrm skin.
  • 2 inch Deep Dice Tray and 6.5 inch interior rolling surface – Cast your dice into a gladiatorial chamber built for heroic battle.  Hexagon shape measures: FLAT: 10.75 inches - FOLDED: 6.5 inches across by 2 inches deep
  • Foldable – After critical hit rolls and initiative victories our Foldable Dice Tray unbuttons and folds flat for easy transport to the next battle.
  • Luxurious Velvet Playing Surface – Caresses your dice and helps prevent rogue rolls and role-play-induced injuries.

Use and display your dice with the honor and pride they deserve with the Forged Gaming Folding Dice Tray.