Deck of Stories Jungle Booster (Sold Out - Restock Notification Only)

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The Jungle Booster is an expansion card set for the Deck of Stories series.


With prompts that inspire even the most stumped DM, the Deck of Stories: Jungle Booster has 18 jungle-themed story hooks found only in this expansion. Following our ORC storytelling system, you can pick and choose your cards based on whether you need an opening action, a moment of rising action, or a jolt of climactic action! At the bottom of each card is a hook that allows you to spark an idea for potential conflict, and some suggested next steps to help round out your story. 


Designed to fit seamlessly into the entire Deck of Stories card sets, the thick canopy of the Jungle will only feel mysterious to your players -- but not to you! Flexible storytelling and creative problem-solving are earmarks of any great tabletop game, and with Decks of Stories to help keep things unique and surprising, you’re sure to wow even the most experienced of players. Whether it’s the relentless pursuit of an animal, a highly infectious disease, or lack of supplies, you will be able to test your explorers at every turn.