Dark Revelations Novella—Arkham Horror The Card Game (Sold Out - Restock Notification Only)

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Dark Revelations is a new Arkham Horror novella by Amanda Downum:

For Gloria Goldberg, writing has always been a way to escape from her horrific dreams and visions—a way to channel her thoughts out onto the page, where they’re unable to hurt anyone. In Dark Revelations, however, Amanda Downum invites you to join Gloria on a journey into madness, as the words on the page come to life and begin to shape the waking world of Arkham. There’s a mystery here, tied up in the death of Gloria’s friend, Jamie Galbraith… and beyond the apparent mystery, there are dark forces at work. What will be discovered by this investigation, and perhaps more importantly, what will be unleashed?

Beyond the 96-page novella itself, Dark Revelations offers a sixteen-page full-color insert that’s packed with information on the Arkham Horror Files universe, all tied to the story of Dark Revelations and Gloria’s investigation. You’ll find newspaper clippings, scrawlings in notebooks, scraps of artwork, and a host of other primary sources to fill out the universe and the scope of the story told within this novella.

Also includes Gloria Goldberg (Dark Revelations, 19), a brand-new investigator to add to your games, and two replacement signature cards for Gloria—cards only available in the Dark Revelations novella and specifically tied to the events of the story!