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Players take on the role of participants in the annual Cube Cup; a race of strategy and luck to determine the Cubitos Champion. Each player has a runner on the racetrack and a support
team, represented by all the dice you roll. Each turn you roll dice and use their results to move along the racetrack, buy new dice, and use abilities. But you must be careful not to push
your luck rolling too much or you could bust!

2-4 players
Ages 14+
30-60 minute play time


    40 Starting Dice
    80 Ability Dice
    1 Start Player Die
    56 Ability Cards
    8 Runner Figures
    4 Player Boards
    4 Phase Tokens
    40 Money Tokens
    24 Draw Tokens
    2 Double-sided Race Tracks
    1 Fan Track
    12 Dice Boxes
    1 Storage Box
    1 Rulebook

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