Critical Role: Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn, Hardcover–D&D 5E (On Order) (Sold Out - Restock Notification Only)

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Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn updates, revises, and expands significantly upon the original Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting. It nearly doubles the page count at a whopping 280 pages, adding content across the board. Further, the very state of the world has changed: the setting of Tal’Dorei has been advanced two decades in its future, to the time of the Mighty Nein in the second campaign of Critical Role. See how the adventures of Vox Machina and the conclusion of Campaign 1 have affected the land!

Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn contains everything needed to unlock the rich campaign setting of Tal’Dorei and make it your own:

  • A guide to each major region of Tal’Dorei, with story hooks to fuel your campaign
  • Expanded character options, including 9 subclasses and 5 backgrounds
  • Magic items such as the Vestiges of Divergence, legendary artifacts that grow in power with their wielders
  • Dozens of creatures, many featured in the Critical Role campaigns
  • New lore and updated stat blocks for each member of Vox Machina