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Castles by the Sea is a delightful sandcastle-building game for 1-4 players.

Castles by the Sea takes place in a magical world hidden in plain sight! As a kingdom of Shorelings, your goal is to build and populate sandcastles. Find the perfect placement for your sand blocks and meeples, but beware of looming Hazards. This cleverly designed game combines puzzly spatial play with a delightful theme. Fans of games like Santorini and Tiny Towns will enjoy the challenge of optimizing their 3D castle-building on a shared grid.

Puzzly Building Play
Designers Jon Benjamin and Michael Xuereb have crafted a game that’s truly unique. Each turn, you’ll build sand blocks, then place as many figure and structure pieces as you can. You’ll receive points for every turn your pieces stay on the board.

A Magical World
In Castles by the Sea, tiny Shorelings live in a world that's hidden from human eyes. These tenacious little heroes come to life thanks to the artwork of Marby Kwong. Every player will start with the same pieces, but each faction has its own flavor: the brave Shell Folk, the ambitious Crab Riders, the clever Seaglassers, and the peaceful Coral Kingdom. To the Shorelings, a toddling baby is “The Giant” and a terrier is “The Terror.” Inspired by the films of Studio Ghibli, the game’s artwork is heartwarming and evocative.