Castle Panic Big Box, Second Edition (Sold Out - Restock Notification Only)

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Welcome to the world of Castle Panic with the Big Box Second Edition

Great for 1-6 Players, Ages 8+

Monsters are attacking Castle Bravehold! Join your friends in a desperate struggle against an almost endless siege of Goblins, Orcs, Trolls, Dragons, and more. Fight the Dark Titan Agranok, make a stand against siege engines, and embark on challenging quests to survive.

This Big Box collection includes second editions of the base game Castle Panic, plus 4 expansions: The Wizard’s Tower, The Dark Titan, Engines of War, Crowns and Quests and 13 Promo Items. These sets can be combined for a varied, customizable experience and the ultimate Castle Panic adventure.

This box includes:

Castle Panic Contents:
1 Gameboard, 49 Castle Cards, 49 Monster Tokens, 6 Walls, 6 Towers, 1 Tar Token, 2 Fortify Tokens, 6 Order of Play Cards, 12 Plastic stands, 1 Die

The Wizard’s Tower Contents:
10 Castle Cards, 22 Wizard Cards, 43 Monster Tokens, 6 Mega Boss Tokens, 12 Flame Tokens, 1 Wizard Tower, 1 Monster Draw Bag, 6 Reference Cards, 1 Plastic stand

The Dark Titan Contents:
5 Castle Cards, 5 Agranok Cards, 6 Reference Cards, 17 Monster Tokens, 3 Support Tokens, 1 Agranok Token, 1 Cavalier Token, 1 Plastic stand

Engines of War Contents:
16 Resource Cards, 3 Reference Cards, 13 Monster Tokens, 1 Ballista Token, 1 Catapult Token, 2 Spring Trap Tokens, 2 Pit Tokens, 2 Barricade Tokens, 1 Keep Token, 1 Engineer Tile, 1 Task Tile, 1 Plastic stand

Crowns and Quests Contents:
12 Character Cards, 8 Quest Boards, 1 Tracker/Obelisk Tile, 6 Vulkar’sBlast Tokens, 3 Evacuees Tokens, 1 Ambassador Token, 1 Obelisk Token, 7 Apocalypse Stone Tokens, 1 Scout Token, 6 Outpost Tokens, 3 Scroll Tokens, 6 Success/Fail Tokens, 1 Tracker Token, 1 Power Token, 6 Tower Indicator Tokens, 6 Portal Tokens, 1 Flag Token, 6 Order of Play Cards, 9 Plastic stands

1 Rulebook, 7 Promo cards, 6 Promo Towers

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