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Canopy is a game for two, where players compete to grow the most bountiful rainforest. The jungle ecosystem is full of symbiosis, and players must grow tall trees and lush jungle plants to attract the most diverse wildlife. By carefully selecting what grows in your forest you can create the ideal balance of flora and fauna and give rise to a thriving ecosystem. 

Canopy is played over three Seasons. Each Season, players endeavor to create a successful rainforest by collecting Plants, Trees, Wildlife and Weather cards.

Gather plants in specific sets to maximize their points. Grow tall and numerous trees to win valuable bonuses. Attract a diverse array of wildlife to help you manage and grow your forest with unique abilities. Beware - as there are threats to the forest as well and the risk of fire, disease and drought is ever-present.

Designed by Tim Eisner and beautifully illustrated by Vincent Dutrait, Canopy is designed to play quickly and appeal to a wide range of players. It offers push-your-luck drafting, strategic set collection, meaningful choices and invites players to create their own vibrant rainforest tableau.