Call to Adventure: Epic Origins with Kickstarter Extras & Deluxe Edition Box

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Call to Adventure: Epic Origins is the next edition of the award-winning Call To Adventure game series. The hero-building card game reaches new heights with classic fantasy races, classes, and challenges.

  • Heritage cards introduce classic fantasy races like Elf and Dwarf.

  • Now you can choose one of 12 iconic Class cards.

  • Double-sided Adversary cards add depth to Solo and Co-Op play.

  • Stands on its own, but is also 100% compatible with the original Call To Adventure.

  • Introduces a multi-session Campaign mode with unlockable content.

  • Includes a conversion guide to translate your final game board into the world’s most popular role playing game, along with bonus 5e content!


Kickstarter Edition Copies
This edition comes in the Deluxe Edition box and includes one set of the Kickstarter extras.