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Please note that the Starter Set image shown contains Kickstarter stretch goals. Components shown are not final.

The Blade Runner RPG Starter Set contains a condensed rulebook, pre-generated characters, and Electric Dreams - the first full length Case File for Blade Runners to crack. The boxed set also contains a host of physical handouts for the players to pore over in their hunt for clues.


About the Blade Runner RPG

The official Blade Runner RPG will propel players into the streets of Los Angeles as Blade Runners with unique specialties, personalities – and memories.

The core game and its line of expansions will push the boundaries of investigative gameplay in tabletop RPGs, giving players a range of tools to solve an array of cases far beyond retiring Replicants. Beyond the core casework, the RPG will both in setting and mechanics showcase key themes of Blade Runner – sci-fi action, corporate intrigue, existential character drama, and moral conflict – that challenge players to question your friends, empathize with your enemies, and explore the poisons and perseverance of hope and humanity during such inhumane times.

The rules of the game are based on the acclaimed Year Zero Engine, used in award-winning games such as the ALIEN RPG, Tales From the Loop and Forbidden Lands, but further developed and uniquely tailored for Blade Runner.