Before There Were Stars

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Before There Were Stars is a feel-good storytelling game that helps players get their imaginations flowing! This game is perfect for a relaxed evening, young or old.

From the publisher:

Weave a tale older than the stars themselves.

Open this box, and join the storytellers of old. Before there were Stars... is a storytelling game where each player tells the mythic creation story of ‘their people.’ Featuring star-pipped dice that are rolled to form the ‘night sky,’ one scans the stars for constellations to use as keywords for the story. Inspired by Constellation cards, players craft tales about the creation of the world, the origins of civilization, the rise of their great hero, and an end of days.

Players: 3–6
Ages 14 and Up
Time 10 min per player
(24) Star dice
(80) Constellation cards
(6) Story mats
(6) cloth Offering bags
(120) Star point beads
Digital timer app

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