Bad Interviews, by Funemployed

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Players will fake it 'til they make it with the Bad Interviews by Funemployed adult party game. Each round, the Manager presents the job to earn. The rest of the players are Applicants that build a resume using Qualification Cards. They take turns making their pitch, hilariously explaining each ridiculous card. Then, the Manager hits them with a trick question. The Manager's favorite gets the job. Earn the most jobs and win the game!

  • Bad Interviews by Funemployed is a hysterical card game for adults where lying and BSing will definitely get players the job.
  • Each round, there is a Manager and the rest are Applicants. The Applicants have a hand of Qualification Cards that they must explain in their interview.
  • The Manager then picks a card to use as a trick question. 'So, how would having a Cold Black Heart help a News Anchor in their job?' Applicants must quickly think on their feet to answer!
  • Laugh-out-loud funny, it includes surprising (and ridiculous!) Job and Qualification cards, making it a great adult game for game night.
  • Fail up the corporate ladder with this adult card game that is definitely not safe for work, perfect for college dorms and adult birthday parties.