Anomia X

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The award-winning party game is back - with bad manners and an oversized martini.  Anomia X pokes a stick at the underbelly of society, and the results are decidedly NSFW!

Think about it - our minds are positively brimming with all sorts of questionable information. While it’s easy enough to think of a rum cocktail, a lubricant, or a celebrity train wreck, you’ll find that your brain works a little...differently under pressure.

Anomia is simple. Players flip category cards until the symbols on two players’ cards match. Matching players race to give an example of the category on their opponent’s card. Sounds easy, right? Think again. Wild Cards create unexpected matches and even losing a card can set off a chain of cascading face-offs. 

Pay attention, it could be your turn at any time - and with Anomia X, you never know what the cards have in store!

​Fast paced, brain-bending and irreverent, Anomia X promises hours of laugh-till-you-cry hilarity for you and your twisted friends.

For 3-6 players, ages 17 & up. Contains four(4) Anomia X decks.