Wits & Wagers Party (Sold Out)

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Ages: 8+   |   Players: 4-unlimited   |  

Wits & Wagers Party Edition is a simplified version of history’s most award winning party game! With tons of new questions, Wits & Wagers Party Edition will get any large group cheering and laughing in no time! This is the best edition to play when several generations of the family get together for an evening of fun and laughter.

How to Play

  1. Read a fun question...Everyone writes down a guess.
  2. Place your bets... Which guess is closest?

Feeling confident? Bet on yourself.
Think others know better? Bet on them.
No idea? Bet on any guess and hope to get lucky.

Contents:105 Question Cards, 12 Betting Tokens, 50 Poker Chips, 6 Dry-erase Pens, 6 Dry-erase Player Boards, 1 Elvis-impersonator Board, 1 Rules Manual