Trekking Through History, Kickstarter Edition

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Trekking Through History invites you to travel through time to experience beautiful moments from our past. Meet legendary people and join remarkable events as you try to see all you can before the clock runs out. You might learn a few things along the way!
During your journey, you’ll score points in multiple ways, including collecting experience tokens and visiting events in chronological order. You'll do this on a beautiful and colorful neoprene playmat.
Each History Card illustrates a real historical person or event on one side and and tells its story on the other. We worked with a team of experts to choose and write these cards, so even history buffs will have lots of new things to discover.
The clock is ticking! With 12 hours each day to explore and three days total, it’s anyone’s game til the end.
Follow your itinerary to visit history’s most wonderful events, and rub elbows with fascinating people from many times and places. With 24 unique itineraries to choose from, you'll always have a new challenge to pursue.

This Kickstarter Edition includes the exclusive Solo Mode.

The included Time Warp expansion creates layers of tactics and strategy by giving you special powers you can only use once per round, often involving how you use and bend time. Because you can only use each Time Warp once, you'll need impeccable timing to make the most of them. There are 24 Time Warps in total, and 3 are in play each game, leading to 2024 unique situations to play through.

Solo Mode lets you challenge an automated opponent known as The Historian. The Historian can create obstacles for you a human opponent can't, like destroying your time crystals or preventing you from visiting your ancestors. Solo players can choose 4 levels of difficulty: Easy, Normal, Hard and Extreme (for the masochists among you).

Time Warps and Solo Mode are true exclusives in the sense that we won't offer them for sale after this campaign is over. However, Print-and-Play versions will be available.

Get more info from the original Kickstarter page.

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