Prerelease Pack, Adventures in the Forgotten Realms—Magic: the Gathering (Sold Out)

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Includes one (1) Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Prerelease Pack.

In-Store Prerelease Events Available: This Prerelease Pack purchase is for the item ONLY. If you wish to also participate in an in-store Prerelease event, Register for a Prerelease Event here.

Early Release
Prerelease Packs will be available for early pickup and purchase during Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Prerelease, July 16-22.

Each Prerelease Pack contains:

  • x6 Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Draft Booster Packs
  • x1 Date-Stamped Foil Rare/Mythic Rare Card
  • x1 Twenty-Sided Die (Forgotten Realms Special: This die will be a standard randomized d20, not a spindown life counter)