Living Forest

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Four Spirits of Nature – Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn – have been called to rescue the Sacred Tree of the Forest facing the devastating flames of Onibi… 

In Living Forest, you play one of these four Spirits of Nature trying to save the Forest. You’re not alone in this task, Guardian Animals have come together around the Circle of Spirits where you progress to help you. Each turn, they bring some precious elements and if you manage to combine a good team of Guardian Animals, you can perform actions optimally. But beware, some of them are solitary and do not like to meet other fellows.

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Goal of the game

In Living Forest you play a Spirit of Nature trying to save the Forest and its sacred Tree from Onibi’s relentless attacks. You have one of three ways to do this: by planting 12 different Protective Trees, by collecting 12 Sacred Flowers to awaken Sanki the great Guardian of the Forest, by extinguishing 12 Fires to permanently repel Onibi.

Game turn

Each turn includes 3 phases:

  • Guardian Animals: All the Spirits of Nature play at the same time. You draw and turn face up, one after the other, the Guardian Animal cards from your personal draw stack. You thus form the Animal Guardian Help Line. You can stop drawing cards whenever you want. However, if you reveal a card showing a third solitary symbol, then you must stop drawing cards. This card closes your Help Line.
  • Action: The Spirits of Nature play in turn. If your Help Line shows strictly less than three solitary symbols (not canceled by gregarious symbols), you can then perform 2 different Actions. If your Help Line shows three solitary symbols (not canceled by gregarious symbols), you can then perform only 1 Action. The strength of an Action is determined by the number of corresponding Elements visible on the Guardian Animal cards on your Help Line and on your Forest individual board.
  • Take a Fragment tile Action
  • Attract one or more Guardian Animals Action
  • Extinguish the Fire Action
  • Plant one and only one Protective Tree Action
  • Move forward on the Circle of Spirits Action